About us

Variolytics is the place, where innovation meets the wastewater industry. Founded in 2020 in the vibrant city of Stuttgart, we are an innovative high-tech startup with a bold vision — to revolutionize the way wastewater treatment plants combat greenhouse gas emissions. Our journey began with a passionate belief that innovative technology and a dedicated team can make a positive impact on the world.

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Our aim

Our aim is to be a catalyst for change with our technologies. We are currently dedicated to helping wastewater treatment plants reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and achieve net zero.


Our approach

We approach this challenge with measurement technology and smart software, enabling wastewater treatment plants to monitor and optimize their process effectively.


Our results

Our goal is to support the wastewater industry to achieve climate neutrality by the year 2030. We are committed to achieving measurable results with lasting impact.

Our mission

At Variolytics, our mission is deeply rooted in our commitment to creating a sustainable future for all. We make the invisible visible by bringing together people, technology and innovation.




We believe that positive thinking leads to positive results and satisfied employees.



We encourage everyone to broaden their horizon and gain insights into new fields.



We all work together as a diverse team where everyone is equally respected and valued.



We want to be innovative and everyone is encouraged to come up with new ideas every day – and quickly.

Our values

The core values of our company are positivity, curiosity, cooperation and agility. It is important to us that new members commit to these values, as we believe they make us more successful.

Our team

Our team is a diverse blend of talents, from engineers and data scientists to environmental experts, business professionals and creative individuals. Together, we form a powerful unit, working collaboratively to drive innovation and change.


Our story

Public Recognition

Over the years, our team’s relentless efforts have been recognized by industry experts, institutions, and organizations alike. We are proud to have received awards for our innovative solutions and ground-breaking technology. These awards motivate us to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation. Some of our notable achievements include:

Best Green Start-Up 2022

Six start-ups from Baden-Württemberg and the rest of Germany were awarded the title of “KIGI Green Innovator” on 4 May 2022. 25 green start-ups were invited to Stuttgart for two days to further develop their innovations with the support of coaches, pitch their start-up ideas and expand their network.

The Stuttgart Innovation Award is presented by the state capital Stuttgart in recognition of outstanding innovative achievements. The award recognises the importance of innovations for the development of the business location and would like to focus on players who contribute significantly to the success in this field.

Audience award 2020

The CyberOne Hightech Award Baden-Württemberg is the central business plan competition for the high-tech industries in the federal state. Since 1998, the most forward-looking business concepts of technology-oriented start-ups and companies have been awarded.


In addition to awards, we have been fortunate to secure grants and funding from various sources, allowing us to further our research and development efforts. These grants have provided us with the financial support needed to continue pursuing our mission.

The aim of EIC Accelerator is to develop and scaleup innovations. The EIC Accelerator is a funding programme under Horizon Europe that offers support to start-ups and SMEs that have a game changing product or service and have the commitment to scale-up. Variolytics is supported by the EIC Accelerator until May 2025.

As part of the Federal Government’s AI strategy, the Federal Environment Ministry is funding projects that use artificial intelligence to tackle ecological challenges and are exemplary for digitisation that is compatible with the environment, climate, health and nature (“AI lighthouses”).

The Stuttgart Climate Innovation Fund supports innovative projects in the state capital. The fund has a budget of 13 million euros and is the largest municipal climate innovation fund in Europe.

The EXIST Business Start-up Grant supports students, graduates and scientists from universities and research institutes who want to turn their business idea into a business plan. The most important prerequisite is that the planned business idea must be an innovative technology-oriented or knowledge-based product with significant unique selling points and good prospects of economic success.

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