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Variolytics was created as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer IGB in Stuttgart. Our goal is to contribute to a more sustainable society by making the invisible visible. We achieve this through measurement technology that can be easily integrated into processes and enables measurements with a high data density and low measurement noise. With our high level of research and development expertise in process engineering and years of experience in the process industry, we support companies in an advisory capacity and in implementation. The latest methods of measurement data evaluation enable customers to generate entirely new business models and thus profitable new revenue potential.

[Die Unternehmensgründer von Variolytics Stephan Scherle, Dr. Matthias Stier, Johann Barlach und Steffen Görner (von links nach rechts).]

Our Mission

In 99 seconds Variolytics is introduced by Johann Barlach (CFO) and Dr. Matthias Stier (CEO) at the Cyber One Hightech Award. They talk about our mission, motivation, our sponsors and give an outlook into the future.

Our Story

Due to our close cooperation with research institutes such as the Fraunhofer Institute, we are always up to date with the latest measuring methods in the fields of chemistry, biotechnology and process industry as well as in environmental and wastewater analysis. Our claim is to transfer new measurement methods into industrial application in order to always offer our customers the best measurement technology. Here you can learn more about our corporate history.

Management Team

Variolytics GmbH was founded in March 2020 by Dr. Matthias Stier, Johann Barlach and Steffen Görner.

Foto of Dr. Matthias Stier
Dr. Matthias Stier
CEO & Co-Founder

Was a process engineer and scientist at the University of Stuttgart and at the Fraunhofer IGB with a focus on biotechnology. As Managing Director, Matthias takes over the strategic management of Variolytics.

Foto of Johann Barlach
Johann Barlach
CFO & Co-Founder

Is a business economist with a focus on supply chain management. With his experience as a management consultant and entrepreneur, Johann leads the development and implementation of new business areas at Variolytics.

Foto of Stephan Scherle
Steffen Görner
CTO & Co-Founder

Is a process engineer and constructor with experience in the designing and building of pilot plants. He worked on numerous projects at Fraunhofer IGB and is an expert in agile product development. At Variolytcis, Steffen is responsible for leading the development team.

Foto of Johann Barlach
Fine Wolff

Is a marketing communications specialist and business psychologist with over 10 years of professional experience. Her expertise focuses on the development and optimization of corporate structure and communication. Fine is responsible for the business administration and the HR area.


At Variolytics, working effectively as a team is very important and input from each person is valued. In our company, experts from different areas of biotechnology, software development, process engineering, business and marketing come together to create something great.

Foto of Dr. Matthias Stier
Klaus Niedergall
Research Engineer

Is a chemical engineer specializing in process analytics and membranes. With his many years of experience as a research engineer, Klaus manages the laboratory operations and is responsible for the planning as well as execution of experiments at Variolytics.

Foto of Stephan Scherle
Dr. Rohollah Babaei
Data Scientist

Is a biologist and data scientist. Rohollah supports the development team with research design, software development, data structure and analysis. As GMP and ISO representative, he is responsible for quality management and internal audids according to ISO 9001.

Foto of Stephan Scherle
Dr. Ilka Derwenskus
Is a biotechnologist and has been working with the Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer (MIMS) for many years. With her years of experience in the laboratory, Ilka forms the interface between development and marketing.
Foto of Stephan Scherle
Omkar Daund
Software Developer

Is a software developer. Omkar holds an MS. in Computer Science and is a specialist in cloud-based software applications. At Variolytics, Omkar is responsible for the Vario OS operating system.

Foto of Stephan Scherle
Andra Pintea
Marketing Manager

Is Business Economist with a major in Digital Marketing and Design. At Variolytics, Andra is responsible for the social media presence and advertising of the company.

Foto of Patrick Schork
Patrick Schorck
Technical Buyer

Is a technical-business graduate with over 10 years of professional experience. At Variolytics, Patrick is responsible for technical purchasing.

Supported by the EIC Accelerator

The aim of EIC Accelerator is to develop and scaleup innovations. The EIC Accelerator is a funding programme under Horizon Europe that offers support to start-ups and SMEs that have a game changing product or service and have the commitment to scale-up. 

Variolytics is supported by the EIC Accelerator until May 2025. 

Supported by

Awarded by Regional Innovation Programs

KIGI Award

Best Green Start-Up 2022


Incubation Program 2021


Audience award 2020

“We want to make our contribution to a sustainable future.“

– Johann Barlach | Head of Business Operations at Variolytics

“We want to make our contribution to a sustainable future.“

Johann Barlach | Head of Business Operations at Variolytics

Partnership with InProcess Instruments

As a leading supplier of process gas mass spectrometers, InProcess Instruments offers customized system solutions for all areas of process analysis technology and trace analysis Since its foundation in 1997, InProcess Instruments GmbH has stood for the highest quality and in-depth expertise in the field of in-process mass spectrometry. The partnership with InProcess Instruments combines expertise with innovative start-up spirit.

Variolytics has been cooperating with InProcess Instruments since February 2020.

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