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What we offer clients

Send us samples of your measuring task. We carry out free test measurements for you.  After we have checked the feasibility of the measurements, based on your requirements, we will create a custom analysis concept for you. Afterwards, we can also set-up a project to plan the integration of our analysis tools into your process.  Of course, we will help you on every step of the way: from implementing our analysis tools, to enabling better process control. Our goal is that the integration will allow you to reap the benefits of a deeper process understanding. This can come in the form of cost reduction, higher quality control or better production planning capabilities. We take over the adaptation and integration of the hardware into your process. If required, we also do the integration into an existing process control system. After the successful implementation, we are always at your disposal for further support.

Find the right measurement technology

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In search of the right solution

Often it is not clear which devices are available on the market for certain measurement tasks and how much the implementation will cost. This creates the risk to spend a lot of money for a complex solution, although a cheaper alternative could fulfil the same measuring task. To create more transparency in the market for our customers, we have developed the analytics finder.

What does the analytics finder offer?

The finder determines which devices are suitable for your problem and price range. Tell us your measuring task by filling out the questions in the finder and you will receive a free consultation from us. We have extensive experience in the field of real-time analytics. In addition to our own in-house solutions, we cooperate with many analytics providers to develop customized analytical solutions.


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