[Der Analysator von Treibhausgasen)

EmiCo. Our analyzer of greenhouse gases

Real-time measurements of nitrous oxide (N2O) and methane (CH4) from the gas and liquid phase, to optimize direct emissions in the aeration tanks of sewage treatment plants.

Variolytics Emission Control System (EmiCo) is the first analysis system in the world that can directly measure greenhouse gases produced during wastewater treatment. It therefore provides an unprecedented data basis of direct emissions in the aeration tanks in order to optimize wastewater treatment with regard to greenhouse gases. With its patented analysis method, EmiCo can reduce emissions in wastewater treatment plants by up to 50%.

Simultaneous measurement from the liquid and gas phase

EmiCo is the first analyzer for wastewater treatment plants that can measure measured values simultaneously from the liquid and gas phases. Our measuring method enables the formation of greenhouse gases in the aeration tank to be precisely monitored. In order to control the process correctly, it is important for operators to determine the formation of nitrous oxide and methane in the liquid phase. For example, the formation of harmful nitrous oxide can be completely avoided in aeration tanks and the nitrous oxide can be converted into harmless molecular nitrogen in denitrification tanks. The measurement from the gas phase subsequently validates that no harmful greenhouse gases are emitted. Alternatives can measure only from gas or only from liquid.
EmiCo does both, and is therefore unique in the market.


Multiplexing – 1 analyzer,
many measuring points

We can already analyze up to 8 aeration tanks simultaneously in wastewater treatment. Simultaneous measurement works by switching valves on the analyzer. The measurements are carried out serially, with each measuring point being monitored by the analyzer for 2 minutes. Thereby, with 8 measuring points, a real-time factor of 16 minutes can be achieved. The multiplexing method reduces the costs for expensive measurement technology and high maintenance costs, since only 1 analyzer is required for several measurement points.

Sensitive measurements

The measurements from the EmiCo. system are carried out using a process mass spectrometer. Mass spectrometry is characterized by its high measurement sensitivity. As a result, measurements can be made from the low ppb to the 100% range without any problems For monitoring emissions, gas and liquid phase sensitivities of 0.5ppm for nitrous oxide (N20), 0.9ppm of methane (CH4), and 0.4ppm of C02 can be achieved. With EmiCo, operators of wastewater treatment plants have the possibility to monitor greenhouse gases in their aeration tanks very sensitively and in real time.

[Das Emico-System überwacht die Treibhausgase in Ihren Belebungsbecken sehr empfindlich und in Echtzeit]
[das EmiCo System sich täglich automatisch kalibriert]

No Drift

The EmiCo system has a reference gas container next to the analyzer, which allows the system to calibrate itself automatically on a daily basis. The reference gas is a mixture of all measurement-relevant gases. This prevents a drift in the measurement result for measurements over a longer period of time. For customers, this results in savings of time and money for costly calibration of the measurement technology. The auto-calibration of the EmiCo system thus guarantees process reliability. Measured values of greenhouse gases are therefore always accurate.

Your path to optimization

In the first integration step, the EmiCo system is installed at your wastewater treatment plant and independently collects data on the generation of nitrous oxide (N20) and methane (CH4) in the aeration tanks. The data is then transferred to a user interface. The real-time values of nitrous oxide and methane are made visible and allow you to gain new insights into the state of the activation stage. In the second integration step, the common process parameters at your wastewater treatment plant are correlated with the nitrous oxide and methane values. Our AI, or existing optimization software, can now be used to provide you with recommended actions to reduce greenhouse gases.
The result: significant reduction of nitrous oxide and methane with simultaneous energy savings, as well as reduction in the use of chemicals.

  • 50% reduction in CO2e – emissions

  • 20% lower energy consumption

  • Reduction in use of chemicals


Patented Inlet-System

… enables simultaneous liquid and gas measurements with mass spectrometry.

In the liquid inlet there is a membrane, at the interface of which all volatile components in a liquid are constantly transferred to a vacuum through the membrane in traces. A small proportion of molecules is transferred from the gas flow in the vacuum to a high vacuum and measured in this way. he mass spectrometric measurement from the liquid and gas phase alternates continuously through a valve switch, thus enabling dual measurement from the liquid and gas phase. (Patent: EP3292563A1, DE102015208250A1, US10361072B2, WO2016177810A1, disclosure date November 10, 2016).

[our sensor technology durable and low-maintenance]

Reliable, durable hardware

EmiCo, with its patented inlet system, is designed to measure in parallel from the liquid and gas phases. The liquid gas analyzer is the ideal combination of a classic quadrupole mass spectrometer for gas analysis and a membrane inlet mass spectrometer (MIMS technology) for liquid analysis. As a result, the EmiCo can be integrated into industrial processes without any problems and can measure continuously without disturbing existing processes. Another plus is the technical structure of EmiCo. In contrast to microsensors, the analysis unit is not located directly in the liquid. The sensor is therefore not exposed to external mechanical loads. Which makes our sensor technology durable and low-maintenance.

System integration and user-friendliness

The user-friendly software architecture simplifies real-time control of the machine and visualizes the measurement data in the same user interface. Another plus is the uninterrupted and complete integration into the control system of the sewage treatment plant. For this purpose, EmiCo offers a software architecture that can be easily integrated into process control systems of other third-party optimization software via common interfaces. A modern user interface and smart functions make it easier to use. EmiCo delivers consistently accurate measurement data with low measurement noise (Low Noise) and high linearity, which means that changes in reactions can be tracked in real time (from 25 milliseconds).


Your contribution is important!

EU-Goals und German Regulation

Recent studies show that wastewater treatment plants produce 2% of the world’s greenhouse gases. This is equivalent to the emissions of
global air traffic. The EU has set itself the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050. In Germany, the Federal Climate Protection Act is in force. Wastewater treatment is assigned to sector 5 (waste management and other). This sector should reduce its emissions by at least 55% by 2030 from the current 9 million t to 4 million t CO2 equivalent

Greenhouse gas reduction with civic acceptance

Your contribution to achieving the climate goals has an immediate effect, with a huge, measurable impact and is socially fair, because every citizen pays the same amount for the public water infrastructure. Other measures, on the other hand, quickly reach the limits of bourgeois acceptance Examples like: the expansion of regenerative energy generation, the expansion of the charging station infrastructure for electric vehicles or the promotion of alternative mobility. All of these measures mean a structural change in the municipality and are often met with resistance from individual groups in society.

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[Treibhausgas Reduktion mit bürgerlicher Akzeptanz]

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