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Membrane inlet mass spectrometer (MIMS) technology for real-time analysis of substances from the liquid

The Vario one. liquid analyzer provides users with affordable access to MIMS technology. Vario one. is an easy-to-use as well as compact mass spectrometer, with which the concentrations of all volatile components from liquids can be measured in real time and in continuous operation without sample preparation.

Quadratischer Massenspektrometer in Metalloptik

The Top 4 Advantages of the Liquid Analyzer

VARIO one.

… we present the first liquid analyzer for mass spectrometry

An Allrounder in Analysis

… who masters any measuring task

Patentet Inlet System

… enables simultaneous gas and liquid measurements

The membrane module contains a membrane where all volatile components in a liquid are continuously transferred through the membrane into a vacuum. From the gas flow in vacuum, a small fraction of molecules is transferred to a high vacuum and measured in this way. (Patent: DE102015208250A1, EP3292563A1, disclosure date Nov. 10, 2016)

“The great growling engine of change – technology.”

– Alvin Toffler

Gleichzeitige Messungen aus zwei verschiedenen Bioreaktoren, die im Vario one gemessen und mithilfe der Software ausgemessen werden

Ideal for Multiplexing

… measure from multiple sources simultaneously via the same device

Multiplexing allows customers to run measurements from multiple sources on the same instrument. This allows different samples to be evaluated simultaneously, leading to time savings in measurement tasks and reduced costs for expensive measurement technology. The VARIO one. can also be easily integrated into a control system via our software architecture. In biotechnology, two or even four bioreactors can thus be monitored and controlled simultaneously.

User-Friendly Hardware and Software

… an easy gateway to mass spectrometry

Logo von InProcess Instruments und Abbildung des Membraneinlasses

Partnership with InProcess Instruments

Partnership with

InProcess Instruments

… expertise meets innovative start-up spirit

The Vario one. was developed in cooperation with InProcess Instruments Gesellschaft für Prozessanalytik mbH, which has stood for the highest quality and in-depth expertise in the field of in-process mass spectrometry since its foundation in 1997. As a leading supplier of process gas mass spectrometers, InProcess Instruments offers customized system solutions for all areas of process analytical technology and trace analysis.

Latest Software Architecture

… for seamless process integration

Tired of outdated software? So are we! The VARIO one. offers a modern software architecture that can be easily integrated into control systems or with other hardware via the MQTT interface. A modern user interface and smart functions make it easy to use. Automated rotans even allow “stand-alone” operation for continuous measurements.

Grafen innerhalb der benutzerfreundliche Software

Areas of Application of the VARIO one.

… the compact cube is the optimal solution for any liquid measurements

Icon der Weltkugel umrandet von Blättern zur Visualisierung der Umweltanalytik


Do you need assistance with process optimization of wastewater treatment plants?


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Icon mit Molekülen zur Visualisierung der Biogasanalytik


Do you have a fermentation process that requires more accurate measurements?


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Do you need measurements from the gas or liquid phase for research or development?


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Technical Specifications

Measuring speed4 ms/amu
Measuring range100 ppb – 100%
Mass ranges0,5 up to 100, 200, 300 and
Weightapprox. 30 kg
InterfacesCapillary inlet, optional with operating temperatures up to 200 °C
Ion sourceGas-tight cross beam electron impact ion source
ConnectionElectrical connection: 230 V, 50 Hz, 8 A; Power consumption < 1,2 kVA
Calibration intervalAutomatic or manual
Sample intakeAutomated and continuous via integrated peristaltic pump
Mass filterHyperbolic quadrupole mass filter for better filter perfomance
Liquid / Gas consumptionµl/min
SoftwareIPI-QMS System- and User-software

  • System settings permanently stored in the hardware for reproducible measurement data
  • Auto tuning for RF adjustment enables optimal and energy efficient operation
  • User-friendly visualisation between total ion current of the associated spectra and individual ion traces
  • Export to thirt party software such as Chromstar 7 SCPA and OpenChrom


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