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Membrane inlet mass spectrometry (MIMS) technology for real-time analysis of substances from liquid

The Vario one. is an user-friendly as well as compact quadrupole mass spectrometer, with which the concentrations of all volatile components from liquids can be measured in real time and in continuous operation without sample preparation. The liquid analyzer is perfectly suited for process integration and masters any measurement task where measurements are taken from liquids. For example, the instrument can be used in applications such as wastewater monitoring, pollutant analysis and environmental monitoring.

The Top 4 Advantages of the Liquid Analyzer

The Specialist for Liquid Measurements

The Vario one. masters any liquid measurement task by determining volatile parameters precisely and quickly in the liquid. Since the quadrupole mass spectrometer can be easily integrated into the industrial process, it measures continuously and without disturbing the process. The mass spectrometer provides consistently accurate measurement data with low measurement noise (low noise) and high linearity, allowing changes in reactions to be tracked in real time (from 25 milliseconds). The liquid analyzer adapts perfectly to your individual application. For example, the volatility of substances in the sample stream can be increased by changing the temperature control of the membrane module.

  • Fast

  • Precise

  • Low Noise

  • Adaptable

User-Friendly Hardware and Software

The Vario one. is a liquid analyzer based on membrane inlet mass spectrometry (MIMS technology). The instrument’s membrane inlet enables online as well as inline measurements directly in the process, so that no sample preparation is necessary. This saves time and resources and allows to react quickly to changes in the process, thus optimizing it. The user-friendly software architecture simplifies real-time control of the instrument and visualizes the measurement data in the same user interface. The hardware is modular – for example, the membrane module can be replaced with just a flick of the wrist.

  • Process-oriented

  • User-friendly

  • Practical

The Ideal Inlet for your Measurement Task

The Variolytics membrane inlets allow stable multi-parameter measurements from the liquid. The membrane module contains a hydro- and organophobic membrane. At the interface of the membrane, volatile components present in the liquid are continuously transferred through the membrane into a vacuum. Then these parameters are measured directly in the mass spectrometer. The membrane inlets are easily autoclavable and can be easily replaced if necessary.

Not sure which is the ideal inlet for your measurement task? Just contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

Flow Cell

With the flow cell, processes can be monitored online. For this purpose, a bypass is laid from the reaction site to the flow cell. For this reason, no probes or other components need to be inserted directly into the process. Thus, the process is not disturbed by the measurements. In addition, the module allows the measurement to be purposefully influenced, for example, by setting a specific temperature or adding substances (e.g. acid to lower the pH).

In-Situ Sensor

With the in-situ sensor, measurements are made directly in the process, at the reaction site, and do not require a bypass. For this reason, the sensor has faster response times than the flow cell and thus there is no time delay in the measurement. Processes where very rapid changes occur can therefore be measured in real time. This membrane inlet is particularly suitable for measurements of dissolved gas concentrations.

Latest Software Architecture

… for problem-free process integration

Tired of outdated software? So are we! The Vario one. offers a software architecture that can be easily integrated into process control systems or other hardware via common interfaces. A modern user interface and smart functions make it easy to use. Automated rotans even allow “stand-alone” operation for continuous measurements.

“The great growling engine of change – technology.”

– Alvin Toffler

Logo von InProcess Instruments und Abbildung des Membraneinlasses

Partnership with InProcess Instruments

… expertise meets innovative start-up spirit

The Vario one. was developed in cooperation with InProcess Instruments Gesellschaft für Prozessanalytik GmbH, which has stood for the highest quality and in-depth expertise in the field of in-process mass spectrometry since its foundation in 1997. As a leading supplier of process gas mass spectrometers, InProcess Instruments offers customized system solutions for all areas of process analytical technology and trace analysis.

Technical Specifications

Measuring speed4 ms/amu
Measuring range100 ppb – 100%
Mass ranges0,5 up to 100, 200, 300 and
Dimensionsapprox. 434 x 526 x 519 mm (W x H x D)
Weightapprox. 60 kg
InletsMembrane flow cell, in-situ sensor
(temperature adjustable from 4°C to 94°C)
Ion sourceGas-tight cross beam electron impact ion source
Electrical connection230 V/AC, 50 Hz, 8 A; Power consumption < 1,2 kVA
Calibration intervalAutomatic or manual
Sample intakeAutomated and continuous via integrated peristaltic pump
Mass filterHyperbolic quadrupole mass filter for better filter perfomance
SoftwareIPI-QMS System- and User-software

  • System settings permanently stored in the hardware for reproducible measurement data
  • Auto tuning for RF adjustment enables optimal and energy efficient operation
  • User-friendly visualisation between total ion current of the associated spectra and individual ion traces
  • Export to thirt party software such as Chromstar 7 SCPA and OpenChrom


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