Why Variolytics?

Variolytics is a leading service provider in the field of measurement technology. We enable real-time analysis of processes. With our help, companies can enhance their process monitoring and controlling capabilities.

How can real-time analytics help you?

Digitization of your processes

Analysis tools and sensors are valuable building blocks for cost reduction in the process industry. They provide new insights into processes and can enable higher efficiencies or reduce lead times in production facilities. For companies that want to digitize their processes, they are an essential part of a data driven solution. Variolytics devices can be integrated into processes and support their control through more extensive data sets.

Make trace substances visible

The increasing global contamination of freshwater systems, with thousands of artificial and natural chemical compounds, is one of the biggest challenges for industrialized and developing countries. To maintain a water network, regular inspections, assessments and monitoring are required. For volatile contaminants in aqueous samples, Variolytics technology can identify a very wide range of substances and concentrations in a sample can be determined very quickly.

Variolytics Products

Gerät aus dem Variolytics Labor

Learn more about our new process mass spectrometer. With the help of our patented inlet system you can measure all volatile components directly in a liquid without sample preparation. Our product will save you time and money.

Variolytics Services

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We help you with the planning and implementation of your measurement task. We offer free feasibility studies on request. Learn more about our services and use our configurator to quickly find a solution for your measuring task.


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