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EmiCo. - Emission Control System

Überwachung und reduzierung
von treibhausgasen

Why choose EmiCo.

Gas & Liquid Measurement

Simultaneous measurement of nitrous oxide (N₂O) and methane (CH₄) in the gas and liquid phase

EmiCo is the first analyzer for wastewater treatment plants that can measure measured values simultaneously from the liquid and gas phases.

Our measuring method makes it possible to precisely monitor the formation of greenhouse gases in the aeration tank. In order to control the process correctly, it is important for operators to determine the formation of nitrous oxide and methane in the liquid phase. For example, the formation of harmful nitrous oxide can be completely avoided in aeration tanks and the nitrous oxide can be converted into harmless molecular nitrogen in denitrification tanks. The measurement from the gas phase subsequently validates that no harmful greenhouse gases are emitted. Comparable alternatives can only measure gases or liquids. EmiCo does both, and is therefore unique in the market.


Measure up to eight aeration tanks simultaneously with one analyzer

We can already analyze up to 8 aeration tanks simultaneously in wastewater treatment.

Simultaneous measurement works by switching valves on the analyzer. The measurements are carried out serially, with each measuring point being monitored by the analyzer for 2 minutes. Thereby, with 8 measuring points, a real-time factor of 16 minutes can be achieved. The multiplexing method reduces the costs for expensive measurement technology and high maintenance costs, since only 1 analyzer is required for several measurement points.


Large measuring range, low detection limits from the ppb to the 100% range

The EmiCo system is measured using a process mass spectrometer.

Mass spectrometry is characterized by its high measurement sensitivity. As a result, measurements can be made from the low ppb to the 100% range without any problems For monitoring emissions, sensitivities from the gas and liquid phase of 0.5ppm for nitrous oxide (N₂O), 0.9ppm for methane (CH₄) and 0.4ppm for CO₂ can be achieved. With EmiCo, operators of wastewater treatment plants have the possibility to monitor greenhouse gases in their aeration tanks very sensitively and in real time.

No Drift

Auto-calibration with reference gas prevents drift in the measurement result from occurring

The EmiCo system has a reference gas container next to the analyzer, which allows the system to calibrate itself automatically on a daily basis.

The reference gas is a mixture of all measurement-relevant gases. This prevents a drift in the measurement result for measurements over a longer period of time. For customers, this results in savings of time and money for costly calibration of the measurement technology. The auto-calibration of the EmiCo system thus guarantees process reliability. Measured values of greenhouse gases are therefore always accurate.

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