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A revolution in sustainable wastewater treatment

What does Variolytics do?

Variolytics is a provider of environmental analytics & AI software. With our EmiCo system, we decarbonize the wastewater market and enable sewage treatment plants to become carbon-neutral.

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Wastewater Monitoring

We optimise your wastewater process by offering targeted monitoring for wastewater treatment plants. With our technology, you save energy costs and chemicals and reduce the generation of greenhouse gases in aeration tanks.

Why achieve Net-Zero?

Recent data indicates that wastewater treatment plants are responsible for approx. 2% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions -this is equivalent to the emissions of global air traffic. The EU has set itself the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050. In Germany, the Federal Climate Protection Act is in force. Wastewater treatment is assigned to sector 5 (waste management and other). This sector needsto reduce its emissions by at least 55% by 2030, from the current 9 milion t to 4 milion t CO₂ equivalent.

Reducing nitrous oxide (N₂O)

Did you know that emissions of process gases nitrous oxide (N₂O) from wastewater treatment account for 60-70% of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced by wastewater treatment plants? Also, nitrous oxide has a substantial impact on global warming. In fact, N₂O emissions possess a global warming potential 273 times higher than that of carbon dioxide (CO₂).

Latest Software Architecture

Tired of outdated software? So are we! Tired of outdated software? So are we! Our EmiCo OS software architecture can be easily integrated into process control systems or other hardware via common interfaces. A modern user interface and smart functions make it easy to use.

EmiCo System

Gas & Liquid Measurement

Simultaneous measurement of nitrous oxide (N₂O) and methane (CH₄) in the gas and liquid phase


Measure up to eight aeration tanks simultaneously with one analyzer


Large measuring range, low detection limits from the ppb to the 100% range

No Drift

Auto-calibration with reference gas prevents drift in the measurement result from occurring

Our Mission

At Variolytics, our mission is to foster a sustainable world by making the invisible visible. Through our technology, we empower wastewater treatment plants to achieve climate neutrality by mitigating N₂O production in their processes. Diversity is our strength. Our team comprises individuals from different backgrounds, nationalities and skill sets. We’re united by a shared purpose.