EmiCo. lite | Emission Control System

Monitoring nitrous oxide & methane

EmiCo. lite | Monitoring nitrous oxide & methane

The wastewater treatment industry is on its path to net-zero, decarbonizing its operations. Currently, nitrous oxide and methane are responsible for >70% of the total carbon footprint of a treatment plant. This can be avoided through improved process control by mitigating the formation of these emissions in the biological step. Our advanced system, EmiCo lite, can accurately monitor N2O and CH4 emissions from wastewater treatment plants, ensuring comprehensive oversight of the current state of the treatment plant.

Real-time monitoring

Emico lite offers smart, real-time monitoring of nitrous oxide (N₂O) and methane (CH₄) emissions in the biological step of wastewater treatment plants. Designed to meet new regulations on monitoring greenhouse gas emissions, EmiCo lite is a cost-effective solution for wastewater facilities. Utilizing Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology, the device delivers precise gas concentration measurements by detecting specific wavelengths absorbed by the gases within a sample. This advanced technology ensures accurate and reliable monitoring, reducing the need for expensive maintenance and manual oversight.

Process optimization

Gain insights into your treatment processes and make informed decisions that enhance efficiency and sustainability for your treatment plant. The cloud-based architecture ensures fast and seamless implementation, providing reliability, security, and data integrity. With the integrated eSIM, operators can access emissions data online in real-time from any location, offering immediate insights into treatment processes. EmiCo lite is able to analyze probes from 2 measuring spots. The extended 10-meter probe lines enable measurements up to 20 meters apart, ensuring thorough monitoring across the facility.

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Why choose EmiCo. lite?

One analyzer, multiple parameters

EmiCo lite provides multi-parameter measurements in real-time from the gas phase. Additionally, flow rate and temperature values are measured under the hood to calculate the emission rates. The analyzer is calibrated to measure the following parameters, in relevant concentrations every 5 minutes:

  • Lachgas (N₂O)
  • Methan (CH₄)
  • Sauerstoff(O₂)
  • Kohlenstoffdioxid (CO₂)

Regulatory Compliance

EmiCo lite is designed to be a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for wastewater treatment plants striving to meet and exceed environmental standards. The system is your gateway to advanced emisson control, providing accurate monitoring of greenhouse gases and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Fast implementation

The installation process is efforless, allowing operators to unbox and set up the device directly at the desired basin. Our seamless process is supported by detailed installation documents, which ensure precise configuration and quick implementation at your treatment plant.

Advanced software

EmiCo lite OS is designed to elevate your monitoring capabilities. Effortlessly visualize collected data through interactive graphs and charts. Our intuitive interface allows you to navigate and analyse data with ease, providing a clear and insightful overview of your emissions. Whether you need a detailed breakdown or just an overview, EmiCo lite OS empowers you to create reports that resonate with your operational needs and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.